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The next HUG meeting is happening on December 6, 2017! 

Join us for the next HUG Event! 

If you were at our last HUG with Meghan from HubSpot, you may remember that she gave us a little insight into messenger bots. We know it's an important trend that we need to get ahead of before it takes over.

That's why our next topic will piggy back off of Meghan:

The Future of Messenger Bots and How It Affects Marketers

Our speaker, Jodi Roberts, will present on this new revolution to marketing. Equipped with her expertise in inbound, HubSpot, and her insider info from the HubSpot product marketer, she'll explain how the future of messenger bots will affect how we market next year.

As mobile traffic continues to grow, people are spending most time on their phones. And with messenger apps overtaking our social networking apps, we can expect the way we speak to our audiences to change.

But how are marketers actually using it?

Walk away from this next HUG event with a fundamental understanding of messenger bots and how they'll affect your lead generation, events, customer service, and overall marketing strategy.

Bonus: you'll get teasers with HubSpot's plan to charge into this trend!

Please let us know only if you are planning to come, we will be providing lunch :)


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